Abstract submission guidelines

Submission mode: Abstract submission is only possible through the online conference website. Abstracts submitted by post, fax, or email will NOT be accepted. The online abstract submission module will NOT be available after 31 December 2021.

Number of submissions: There can only be ONE presenting author per abstract. The same abstract CANNOT be submitted multiple times by listing different presenting authors. An author may submit an unlimited number of abstracts.

Language: All abstracts must be submitted in English. Should English not be your first language, it is recommended to have your abstract examined by a fluent English speaker before submission.

Originality of abstracts:Work published in peer-reviewed journals before 15 Feb 2022 should NOT be submitted to the PCDA 2022 Conference. Abstracts already presented at face-to-face meetings should also not be submitted unless there are new methods and/or findings. Abstracts already presented at a national virtual meeting can be resubmitted.

Disclosure of interests: Any financial relationships with commercial entities related to the authors or products and processes described in the abstract must be appropriately disclosed.

Regulatory approval: The submitting author confirms that local regulatory approval has been obtained as required by local laws.

Author consent: The submitting author declares all authors have read and approved the submitted work.

Copyright transfer: Authors must attest that their submitted work does not infringe any copyright legislation. Copyright for the publication of abstracts is automatically transferred to the PCDA upon submission and acceptance of the regulations within the online submission module.
For rejected abstracts, the copyright reverts to the authors.

Submitting author/presenting author: If the submitting author is not also the presenting author, the submitting author is responsible for informing the presenting author of all communications received regarding the abstract.


Topic: Various categories have been defined for the abstract program within the three streams. Ensure that you select the MOST relevant topic which BEST describes the content of your abstract. Categories are used for reviewing purposes.

Authors: Only 12 authors and/or study groups can be listed. Only one institution can be entered per author.

Abstract title: The title is limited to 120 characters including spaces and should be brief and relevant. Special characters should NOT be used in your title but spelled out instead (e.g. α should be written as alpha, β as beta). Only use standard abbreviations and generic drug names in the title.

Abstract body: The abstract structure is laid out under the headings
Background, Aims, Method, Results (may add a maximum of two tables), and Discussion.

Font size and style Font size is 12, Style is Times New Roman
The length of the abstract is limited to 500 words. Only the abstract body and any inserted tables count towards this word limit. The word count displayed beneath the submission field is final and indisputable.
Only commonly accepted abbreviations should be used (e.g. GDM, BMI, DM). Treatment groups or drug names should NOT be abbreviated. Less widely recognized abbreviations may be used if introduced on first usage (e.g. ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, ABPM).
Only approved and generic (non-proprietary) drug names should be used.
Do NOT enter the title, authors, or grant information into the abstract body but include any references at the end of the abstract.

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